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Wedding Planning

A perfect venue for a magical day!

We understand that a wedding is the most important life-time event and planning your wedding can be a daunting and time consuming task. Keep that in mind, we always strive to provide beautiful settings with a team of passion to bring your dream to life and create memories to last.

Please make sure you are following the below steps by steps to prepare for your wedding party

  • Choose your wedding celebration day (prior to 30 days at least)
  • Book the wedding venue (prior to 30 days at least)
  • Shoot your wedding photo album (prior to 25 days)
  • Make the wedding invitation card and your invitee list (prior to 20 days)
  • Make food tasting (prior to 14 days at least)
  • Finalize the wedding menu with the banquet consultant (prior to 10 days)
  • Send your invitation (prior to 7 days)
  • Provide us the bridal names, pre-wedding photos, pre-wedding video clip, etc... (prior to 7 days)
  • Get the ceremony scenario and make rehearsal with your MC  (prior to 5 days)
  • Provide us any special requirement of the wedding decoration and banquet (prior to 5 days)
  • Get ready to your special day

Do not miss any steps and make your planning easier with our complimentary support service.

Contact us via call hotline +84-(0)-898-255-628 and start planning!