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Ha Long August trip review

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This is an interesting review of my friend after her tour to Ha Long in the very first days of this August that I have seen lately, combining a lot of crucial stuffs as: Transportation, Hotel in Baichay, itinerary, prices…

Since 2012 till now, I have visited Ha Long Bay several times each year, with different association each time. Talking about Ha Long Bay trips, just a few years ago, we mostly had fun on the ship cause of the lack of Ha Long’ amusing activities as well as entertaining spots. Besides, our Westerner friend tented to like it.
This year, Ha Long is still our choice, but we had fun in a different way. All because of Ha Long now isn’t just about the Bay voyages or temple tours but a combination an entertaining park with more than 214ha wide.

1. Transportation

Limousine: can transfer 9 people maximally each time, goes by Hanoi - Hai Phong freeway, costs about 3 hours (there is a 10 -15p rest) to get to Ha Long. The car has water, wifi, USB charger and shuttle service.
You can also go to My Dinh/Gia Lam/Giap Bat bus station, take the bus with the price range is 100k to 120k VND, but you should notice to choose the prestigious brand car to avoid the waste of time.
 Limousine Ha Noi – Ha Long
Limousine Ha Noi – Ha Long

2. Hotel in Baichay

Even the hotel, resort in Bai Chay is like the mushroom after rain, you are free to choose any hotel or motel in Bai Chay which is convenient to go to Halong Park.
But you can refer this article as well, it has the sufficient information about hotel in Baichay:
The price of the hotels in Baichay is also depend on its location, the lowest is about 500k VND/room, high as Wyndham Legend Ha Long is about 2.500k VND/room, you can refer to book HERE.
 View Bai Chay bridge from wyndham
The splendid view from Wyndham Legend hotel window
Because it was summer break so we decided to spoil our self a little bit with 2 room at Wyndham Legend Ha Long, a 5-star hotel. I heard it is the first one in Ha Long and is the worthiest. However, this hotel is just 5 minutes from the park and the sea view. Our group of 5 people, 2 comfortable bedrooms. We were very happy because there are many sparkling corner to selfie and their outdoor pool is as magnificent as it promotion.

3. Ha Long trip itinerary

The first day I came down to Ha Long is about 10h, we were so excited when got to the hotel. After selfie time and made the check in procedure, we set up our packages then came down to Wyndham’s restaurant to grab a bite.
Our plan was to spend the whole day in Ha Long Park, so the first afternoon, we went to Bai Tho mountain in Hon Gai side. The price for a taxi ride from Bai Chay to Hon Gai is about 120k -150k.
 Bai Tho mountain
Conquer the Bai Tho mountain
I said to the taxi driver that we want to climb the Bai Tho mountain, then he went straight to the point, the characteristic is that the entrance alley up to the mountain is quite small, like a small alley in Hanoi. Bai Tho mountain is about 200m high, climbing time is about 30p - 45p. There is a middle-age family leaving down the mountain who also the mountain’s locksman. If the gate is locking, you can call him to open the gate, he will charge you for 20k VND per turn. (If you ride a motorbike, you can park at the water stall right at the head of the Ha Long market). There is nothing more satisfying than the feeling when you reach to the top of the mountain. You will have the chance to see the panorama bay, take virtual live photos which worth millions like although climbing is not need too much effort.
After the Bai Tho mountain journey, my group continues to move to Quang Ninh museum. Our team just selfie outside, where there is a whale building. According to my understanding, the inside of the museum has quite a lot of interesting things, the type of exhibition is simulation of the sea borders, Yen Tu Pagoda...The museum open from Tuesday to Sunday, close in holidays, open hours is from 8.30-11h30, 13h30 - 17h, the ticket price is 30k VND/time.
Quang Ninh museum
The outside of Quang Ninh museum
In the second day, our group left the room at 9 am. After having the breakfast at Cai Dam market, we continued to walk around the Bai Chay sandy beach and talking the selfie photos.
Ha Long Park open at 10h -22h. To explore all the games in the park, one afternoon is enough. Careful, you might be blew away unconsciously anytime while walking in the Park, especially the Flying Dragon or Dragon Footprint, you will want to try again and again after just once. There is also easy games for the one with the fragile heart like Lazy River or Wood Horse Round. There is many miraculous corner for you to selfie as well, which totally suitable for the concept "give me a ticket back to the childhood".
Ha Long park
Ha Long park
Ha Long Park
The ticket price for the dragon park is 300k, the Queen cable car is also 300k VND. You can buy the ticket at the counter in front of the park or on the facebook, there are quite a lot of people are selling vouchers.
Hope that my review is helping. Wish you a fascinating trip!
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