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Bai Tho Mountain - The mountain of poetry and wonderful mysteries

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Ha Long, a fanciful and wonderful city of Vietnam is not only famous for Ha Long Bay - one of the natural heritage of the world but also the home of many historical relics and beautiful landscape making the pride of Vietnamese people in general and the value of Halong people in particular. Among these valuable relics and beautiful landscape, Bai Tho mountain that is considered as the “telescope” on the bay of the city is never forgot to be mentioned.

The mountain of poetry

Lying on the center of the city with the height of more than 200 metres, Bai Tho mountain appears magnificently and majestically as a masterpiece that is carefully created by “The Mother of Nature” in her work of creating limestone mountains. Talking about Bai Tho mountain is reminding the historical flow of poetry and glorious victories of heroes of the mine land.

Beautiful image of fanciful Bai Tho mountain

Beautiful image of fanciful Bai Tho mountain

Not every local people in Quang Ninh has already known that Bai Tho mountain used to be called as “Roi Den” or “Truyen Dang Son” (means shining the light).

According to some legendary stories about the mountain, its name as “Truyen Dang” was born when the ancient soldiers guarded on the mountain.  If they saw the enemy coming, they will burn the spotlight to send the signal to the citadel.

The history of Bai Tho mountain written in the work of protecting and building the country closely attach with the glorious victory of the Hung Dao King - Tran Quoc Tuan in the battle against the Mongolia on Bach Dang historical river in 1228. Today, the important and strategic position of the mountain in this battle is still carved in the stone stele that: "From this mountain peak, thousands of years ago, stood a key watchtower of the border of the North East of the country. In the night the guards burned the signal lights, directed the boatmen to dock ... "

The historical summary Stone stele on the peak of Bai Tho mountain

The historical summary Stone stele on the peak of Bai Tho mountain

In the spring in 1468, King Le Thanh Tong King sent his troops to practice on the Bach Dang River and traveled throughout the An Bang. When he stopped under the foot of Truyen Dang mountain and extremely impressed by natural beauty with the blue sea and the mountains of the mountain, the king himself made a poem and asked his soldiers to carve it on the cliff. Since then, the mountain has been called De Tho Mountain or Bai Tho Mountain and become an important historical monument of the nation.

After King Le Thanh Tong, the Lord An Do Vuong Trinh Cuong, a famous poet under the Le - Trinh dynasty, taking his troop's patrol across the mountain in 1729 depicted the poem of King Le following the poetry style that has 7 words in a sentence and 8 sentences in a poem.

Not only having touched the poetic spirit of many heroes in the past centuries, Bai Tho mountain also strongly impressed many twenty-century visitors that many of them because of unstoppably immersing in its wonderful beauty made interesting impromptu poems themselves.

Also on this poetic peak on June 1st, 1903 when the mine land was simmering revolutionary spirit, the Party flag fluttered like a symbol of truth that justice would defeat subjugation and brutality of French colonialism in Quang Ninh.

The historical summary Stone stele on the peak of Bai Tho mountain

The red flag with yellow star fluttering on Bai Tho mountain

Although the inscriptions on the cliffs have been abrasive because of natural conditions through the ups and downs in the history of an independent nation, the historical values and the meaning of these poems still stay forever.

Wonderful things on the mountain

If in the past, Bai Tho Mountain used to quietly "watch" the change of Quang Ninh, it today has "involved" in building the brand of tourism in Quang Ninh. the mountain has proved itself not only as an ideal stopover for people loving climbing but also an interesting exploration journey for people loving culture and history.

The difficult journey of exploring mystery always brings a surprise. Each mile of the road under the mountain also marks the time of the revolutionary activities in secret caves of the people of the mine land. Luckily, in the morning, visitors can accidentally see wild goats grazing.

Wild goats in Bai Tho mountain

Wild goats surprises visitors on the way to the peak of the mountain

When reaching the highest points of Bai Tho mountain, standing from the top of the mountain, visitors can not stop admiring and being overwhelmed after capturing the image of an "immortal" Ha Long. This is the scenery of the wonderful Ha Long bay with blue sea, white sands and ships rowing far away. This is also the crowded city surrounded by various houses, the fanciful sun rotation and queen suspension cable... There lively and authentically appears an immense and majestic Ha Long through the "telescope" on the peak of the mountain. All of these make Bai Tho mountain unique in visitors’ mind.

The overview picture of Ha Long from the peak of Bai Tho mountain.

The overview picture of Ha Long from the peak of Bai Tho mountain. Photo: Truong Giang

Maybe that is why many people are surprised by the wonderful beauty of Ha Long Bay from the peak of the mountain. Nguyen Tran Hong Anh (Cam Pha - Quang Ninh) excitedly says that she really loved climbing the mountain and she had travelled many places in the high areas such as Sapa, Tam Dao. On visiting Bai Tho mountain, she was completely amazed when possibly observing the whole city. Only watching Ha Long from the mountain could she know how beautiful and actively developed Ha Long was.

Viewing Ha Long Bay from the peak of Bai Tho city

Viewing Ha Long Bay from the peak of Bai Tho city

Many young people visiting Quang Ninh have the feeling of pride of Quang Ninh hometown, the mine land where the people have strongly revolutionary tradition. As Trinh Thu Thuy (Cao Xanh-Ha Long) says: “Being a Quang Ninh person, let climb Bai Tho mountain once time to see and feel the historical, cultural and natural beauty of Ha Long Bay as well as to love and to be proud of our country more”

Halong smile on the peak of Bai Tho mountain

Ha Long smile on the peak of Bai Tho mountain expresses the love and the pride of the mine hometown

Hence, climbing Bai Tho mountain to experience the nature, admire the city from the further distance is also a good way to cherish the cultural and historical values, the pride of patriotic tradition of our ancestors.

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