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Visit Quang Ninh museum - a miniature version of Quangninh on the shore of Ha Long Bay

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"Thinking of Quang Ninh is thinking of Ha Long Bay. But out of exploring the Bay, the city also has interesting stops which extremely suitable for young people. Actually, in many people's minds, the museum is a boring place and usually just a point to visit, observes a little and then ignores it. But that idea is not true for the Museum - Quang Ninh library combination. This place is getting more and more interesting!"
Quangninh Museum Halong
Quangninh Museum Halong

Where is Quang Ninh Museum?

Quang Ninh Museum is located in a cluster of museums - libraries in Hong Hai (Ha Long City) on the shore of Ha Long Bay - a natural wonder of the world. This architectural design by Salvador Perez Arroyo has helped the Museum - the Quang Ninh Library win the Works of 2013 prize.

Quangninh Museum Halong city

With the idea of the image of coal - the mineral characteristic of Quang Ninh, this clusters of works is standing as a symbol on the most beautiful coastal road of Ha Long. With bold architectural methods, the building looks like a giant mirror reflecting the world natural heritage - Ha Long Bay.

Quangninh Museum Halong city 1

Quang Ninh Museum’ highlights

The Museum - Quang Ninh Library is a unique architectural art. Just seen from outside but there are many young people have to exclaim "wow"! From the very high stairs to the dark glass as a giant mirror reflecting the image of the sky in Ha Long to the front with the impressive ‘Museum’, just 2 of them is enough for you to capture a dozen stunning photos.

Quangninh Museum Halong city 2

Quangninh Museum Halong city 3

The main space of the Museum consists of 3 floors, outlines the most basic and characteristic features of the land of Quang Ninh in both space and time, from ancient to present, from mountainous to delta or the sea with the present with a high value of science. Whether it's a museum, but the layout, design, color - everything is very modern and perfect to become a destination to attract young people.

Quangninh Museum Halong city 4

Along with that, the space is so beautiful and spacious, never lacking in light. With black outside, white is the main color for the interior space to highlight the exhibits. The first floor is the space of the sea and nature. The unique feature of the first floor is the four columns showing the mountain tube covered with fabric bearing the image of the rocky mountains of Ha Long Bay, combined with the light show the effect of seawater so visitors feel like strolling around the majestic Bay.

Quangninh Museum Halong city 5

The second floor has many unique exhibits. With the similar design of a boat, the first room is the place to display the archaeological artifacts of the prehistoric, prehistoric to modern times - sketching the image of a much turbulent Quang Ninh.

At the third floor, visitors will be able to visit the space displaying the economic achievements, cultural identity of the peoples of Quang Ninh province; images of Uncle Ho visit and work in Quang Ninh; The objects used in mining activities, especially the coal industry through the simulation of the coal mining system with wooden columns, trusses, trailers ... to help viewers have the actual experiences about this industry.

Quangninh Museum Halong city 6

Connected to tourist sites such as the clusters relics of Bai Tho Mountain, Mr. Tran Quoc Nghien Temple, Long Tien Temple, Hong Gai Church, the Trade and Entertainment Combination: Long Marine Plaza, Vincom Center Halong ..., Quang Ninh Museum is a unique tourism playground that contains the value of daily life, production and daily labor of local people. To Ha Long, visitors have had a chance to visit the relics, cultural works, and participate in recreational activities and shopping as well as experience the life of the people of the city.

Quang Ninh Museum ticket price The museum is open on weekdays, except Monday, from 8am to 5pm. Tickets price to enter the museum will be 30,000 VND / time / person with adults (about 1,3$); 15,000 VND / time / person for students and VND 10,000 / time / person for children.

Hopefully our sharing is helpful for your upcoming trip.

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