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Markets areas, shopping places for tourists to Ha Long Bay

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Coming to Ha Long Bay, apart from exploring the famous scenic spots, the entertainment and shopping at the trade centers also particularly attract the tourists. Shopping in Ha Long Bay could be a fantastic experience despite of limited options for visitors.

1. Bai Chay Commercial Center

Bai Chay Commercial Center is located in the area of Vuon Dao Street, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province It was built on the base of the minuscule market, it is the most modern center for shopping in this coastal city. The products sold here are diverse from normal to luxurious goods, and the prices seem a little bit higher than the two mentioned-above markets. Nevertheless, it is still reasonable because the customer service here is very good. This extra money is paid for more professional services, and ensuring quality of products.

It just takes about 600 meters for you to go from the night market to this shopping center. Being very popular for locals, this shopping center has various goods, including clothes, shoes and other high quality products like Halong Pearl, crocodile leather, wooden souvenir and coal souvenir items. The Commercial center usually opens at 6.00 a.m ad closes at 6:30 p.m.

2. Ha Long Floating Market

This market could be found nearby wharf, cruise ships, and in makeshift areas in which sellers lash their boats together. The waterborne convenience stores here carry most traditional fare, and fresh seafood. The most noticeable goods sold here is fresh fruits and vegetables such as pineapple, banana,dragon fruit, water melon, yam, and cabbage, etc. The market will surprise most visitors for its interesting form. While it might cost more to purchase traditional stuff from this type of shop, the unique experience is usually worth the additional cost for every tourist.

It usually starts at 4a.m or 5 a.m in the morning before dawn and ends when the sun rises high at 9 a.m or 11 a.m.

3. Ha Long Night Market

For various tourists who visit to Halong City, Ha Long Night Market is a place that they should not miss out. The market is a group of more than a hundred stalls which sell diverse types of products, such as handicrafts, handmade accessories, clothes, and other dispensable items such as swimwear, lotion, or hat. Tourists tend to come to this place for purchasing unique products of the beach city like necklaces made from seashells, snails, wooden small boats, or T-shirt with images of Ha Long Bay on. And the great things is that sellers here are friendly with advance English skills, so that tourists should not be worry about bargaining. 

The market is situated in the center area of Ha Long City and near the beach. Thanks to the good location, this market attracts a large number of people, including locals and visitors. It is crowded with most domestic tourists from April to July. Ha Long Night Market opens 7 days a week, from 6.00pm until midnight.

4. Ha Long Vincom Center

Ha Long Vincom Center is the first project of Vingroup starting from November 2013 in Quang Ninh. This commercial center is designed in luxurious European style with the floor area of over 36.000 m2 including 1 basement and 4 floors. It is considered as a tourism product, a complex of services for items such as upscale shopping centers chain, educational and health area counseling for children, food fair, skating rink, cinema area, and the game world.

Besides services like shopping, leisure, entertainment center in modern style, catching up with the new trend of the time, the center is also a colorful food fair. Diners will have the opportunity to experience with all your senses of smelling, hearing, and tasting. Until this moment, Ha Long Vincom Center is the largest commercial center in Quang Ninh province. At the same time, this is also a visiting attraction that you can hardly ignore.