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10 typical lies your friends say about their tour

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Although lying is something we are not flattered of, but still, something we love to do unconsciously sometime, especially while and after a tour, or at least we have a friend who did that. Let’s go through these 12 typical lies your friends say about their trips to check that have you ever have one?

On the tour, some of us sometimes has had the typical lies about the things we do funnily and unconsciously. And here is the most common ones.

1. I Burned Off All That Food by Walking Around

Ok, the first common phrase is “I must have walked for miles. That totally balance the pizza, beer, and ice cream dinner that I’m tucked in my belly the whole day” I mean, yeah, like by walking with a smartphone around the hotel area will help you lose weight? If so, they won’t have to spend hours a days to keep on fit but just go travel few times a year.

2. This Bag Is Totally Carry-on Sized

“I can barely lift it up and the zippers are look like they are going to explore anytime since it’s so overstuffed. However, I’m pretty sure that mine will totally going to fit in the bag-size at the airport.” Yeah, so flattered about your packing skill right?

3. I Don’t Need a Hotel, I’ll Sleep on the Plane/Bus/Train

“I can sleep anywhere on the trip as long as it has a comfortable sit, practically bus. If I get the overnight bus between cities, that takes nine hours. I’ll instantly fall asleep the minute I get onboard, and I’ll sleep deeply sitting upright and surrounded by strangers. I’ll wake up refreshed after a solid eight hours of sleep and will be rejuvenated and ready to explore my new destination as soon as I get there.” Well, for this type of lies, I would said some of them can really do that, but…ehh, isn’t it not a smart decision to sleep with the strangers surrounding?

4. I Won’t Get on Social Media the Whole Time

OMG, I love this one. Man, let’s hear it from the friend who have never forget to bring their phone anywhere, even holding it through the sleep: “I’m so tired of constantly being on Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat. I’m going to use this trip as a time to unplug from technology and just be present! Except this train ride is really boring and they have Wi-Fi…” Nah, they can’t, for sure, even for our self. Let imagine you are in a strange land that you know nothing about, are you confident enough to take off your phone to be honest?

5. This 6:00 a.m. Flight Won’t Be So Bad

“It’s $100 less to take the early flight instead of one that leaves at a respectable time. I’ll just go to bed super early and have everything packed and ready to go the night before, so getting up at 3:00 a.m. to get to the airport two hours ahead of time won’t be a problem at all!” Oh no, wake up at 3 a.m. in the morning would turned you into a different mode which you wouldn’t love much.

6. This Hotel Duvet Has Totally Been Washed

Although the problem about reuse of hotel duvets has become more popular but I have the faith that this roadside motel is legit, and I’m sure that stain is just a part of the pattern. I’m going to snuggle up under it and tell myself that it’s been washed recently.” Hell yeah, like their produce the pattern with stains as the logo.

7. Of Course I’ll Wear This

“I’m definitely going to need this [swimsuit/pair of heels/fancy dress/out-of-season piece of clothing] on this trip. I mean, what if I get invited to a last-minute pool party/black-tie gala and I don’t have anything to wear?”

8. We Won’t Spend Any Time in the Hotel Anyway

“We are going to explore the place the whole day, not holed up in the hotel room, so booking this fleabag hotel to save a few bucks won’t have any impact on the quality of our trip at all!” Believe me, a quality night is the only thing give you an energetic day.

9. These Shoes Won’t Give Me Blisters

“I mean I just bought them yesterday, but they’re really cute and I’m sure they won’t give me blisters after wearing them on a day-long walk.” See also: “These flip-flops are a very practical choice for a walk around a city!”

10. I’ll Only Spend X Amount

“Okay, if I go to the ATM just once at the beginning of the trip and take out exactly $100, I won’t spend any more than that while I’m here.”
So, have you had heard these lies? Or be the one who made it?