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Bai Chay self-sufficient travel experiences

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Wyndham Legend Halong is a upscale hotel in Bai Chay, whilst near by Bai Chay coastline either Bai Chay bridge with stunning views of the World Heritage listed site. Therefore Wyndham Legend Halong only few walks away from the main traffic road that connects 2 part of Ha Long, which offering an easy access to the tourist areas as well as experiencing the local life on the other side.

Bai Chay is an artificial beach, located along Halong Bay and is famous for sands with 1000m in length and 100m in width. This is a favourite place for every one who want to have more and more memories beside friends and family. 

1. When is the reasonable time to visit Bai Chay. 

You can visit Bai Chay at anytime of the year. However, the best time is from June to August on which the weather is cool, not too hot as in summer, suitable for swimming and other  games. 

2. Transportation

You can go on coach, motorbike or train.

+ Coach: Coaches  to Quang Ninh usually gather in My Dinh Station, Luong Yen Station. Transfer company such as Kumho, Hoang Long, Phuc Xuyen, Duc Phuc and Ka Long,.. provide service ticket is about 100.000 dong. 

+ Train: HALONG EXPRESS train depart form Gia Lam Station is a suggestion for you. Price: 100.000 dong - 200.000 dong. 

+ Motorbike: Two routes are available for you: From Hanoi to Sai Dong crossroad, turn to Bac Ninh, from Bac Ninh, cross road 18 and Pha Lai - Chi Linh - Dong Trieu - Uong Bi - Ha Long. It is about 155km in total.

The second route is from Noi Bai Airport to Bac Ninh and 18A highway, crossing Pha Lai - Sao Do - Dong Trieu - Uong Bi - Ha Long. It is about 160km in total. 

In Bai Chay, you can use taxi, motorbike taxi (xe ôm) to go around the city. 

3. Accommodations. 


Hotel in Halong


Bai Chay is near Ha Long, therefore, hotel system here is really various. However, you should check-in in the beginning of week or in the middle to avoid higher price. 

Below are Bai Chay hotels in all types, from normal to luxurious for you to choose:

Normal hotel near Bai Chay:

- Viet Nhat Hotel: No. 66, Vuon Dao Road, Bai Chay District, Halong City. Price from: USD 8,48.

- Don Hien 2B Hotel: No. 26, Hau Can Road, Halong City. Price form: USD 10,52.

- Truong Thinh Hotel: No. 142 Hau Can, Ha Long, Halong. Price from: USD 12,73. 

- Cong Doan Ha Long Hotel: Halong road, Bai Chay District, Halong City. Price from: USD 27,51.

- Thien Thach Hotel: No. 09, Halong road, Bai Chay District, Halong. Price from: USD 24,85.

- Peace Hotel: No. 39, Vuon Dao road, Bai Chay District, Halong. Price from: USD 23,12.

Luxurious and convenient hotel near Bai Chay with good view. 

Wyndham Legend Halong Hotel: 12 Ha Long, Bai Chay District, Hạ Long City, Quang Ninh. Price from: USD 125.

- Indochina Sails: Gate of Royal Park, Bai Chay District, Halong city, Halong. Price from USD 365,92.

- Muong Thanh Quang Ninh Hotel: Civil Group 1, Ward 2, Bai Chay District, Halong City, Halong. Price from: USD 61,45.

- Ha Long Dream Hotel: No.10, Halong road, Bai Chay District, Halong City, Halong. Price from: USD 56,64.

4. Cuisine

+ Seafood: there are various of seafood that you cannot miss on the trip to Bai Chay such as: lobster, crab, sea-fish, oyster, shell-fish, etc. All of them are processed many tasty dishes.

+ Specialities: dipped squid, peanut worms (sá sùng), gat gu cake, fermented pork roll, HoanhBo fermented sticky rice, ..

Restaurants in Bai Chay that have reasonable price with good services can be named: in Cai Dam: Kim Quy Restaurant, Hai Dang Restaurant, Thien Anh Restaurant, Phuong Thuy Restaurant; in Hon Gai: Huogn Duyen Restaurant, Phuong Loan Restaurant, Ngoc Lan Restaurant, ....

5. Attractions 

Being self-sufficient traveller, you should not forget well-known sites like: Bai Chay Beach, Ha Long Night Market, Bai Chay Bridge,...


Bai Chay Bridge


With all valuable shares, we hope that you, your friends, your family will have unforgetable memories in Bai Chay, Halong. 



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