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Summarize the top 7 locations for the scene of dawn in Viet Nam

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Along with the dawn, the sunset also attracts attention because of its magical beauty. Here are the most beautiful sunset locations in Vietnam with a great combination of light and nature.

Co To

Coto scene of dawn - coto sunset view
Coto sunset
The sunset begins on Co Tu with red, yellow, and purple clouds appearing on the western horizon. And gradually, the last rays of the day are coming to an end, spread out like a sparkling silver band on the horizon. The red sun, the shy whirlwind that disappears behind the rocky islands off the coast. What a beautiful painting which has never been released.

Quan Lan

None of those delicate words can well-matched while talking about the sunset beauty of Quan Lan. The scene is not dazzling, but the dazzling part of it was born to be seen by visitors, not to be seen through books or any literary works.
Quan lan scene of dawn - Quanlan sunset view
Quan Lan sunset
Twilight of Quan Lan comes from the sand, sea, and sky. In a few short moments, the entire scene is colored by the bright orange, warm, and smooth of the sun. Anyone who is lucky enough to have the chance to see the spectacle will have no regrets for a trip.

Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet's sunset is also a unique experience with the simple fishing boat printed on a crimson background. This magical background is created by the harmony between the sky and the sea, which makes us think like small boats floating in the air in a very liberal way and freedom.
Phan thiet scene of dawn - phan thiet sunset view
Phan Thiet sunset
Our human hearts suddenly felt very gentle and very peaceful at that very moment. It would be great if you could come to Phan Thiet’s sea to witness the splendor of this heavenly land.

Hanoi West Lake

If you have to ask where to watch the most beautiful sunset in Hanoi, the capital of Viet Nam, then all the responds you will receive is the West Lake. The lake of immense stretches like endless, sunset waves patted the lake.
Ha Noi westlake scene of dawn - hanoi westlake sunset view
Ha Noi West lake sunset
In moments, souls who love the beauty will be immersed in the charming watercolor painting with the drawings and hot red tones of nature artisans. Walking through the road covered around, we can admire the whole majestic sunset scene of Hanoi West Lake.

Ha Long – Quang Ninh

Romantic and majestic is what we can say about Halong sunset. Between the transfer of day and night, the scene seems to become strangely familiar. The bright red sails in the sunset shimmer on the water.
Ha Long sunset view - Halong scene of dawn
Ha Long sunset
It is a romantic moment that anyone who witnesses is hardly suppressed.

Perfume River – Hue

Perfume river scene of dawn - perfume river sunset view
Perfume river - Hue in the morning
Hue's romantic Perfume River has long been one of the most romantic places in this city. Especially, the sunset on the Huong River makes it difficult to express in words. The scene of Huong River printed with the glittering sun on its surface is a magical and proud moment of the people of Hue.

Salt field – Ninh Thuan

Salt field ninh thuan sunset view - salt field ninhthuan scene of dawn
Salt field - Ninh Thuan scene of dawn
Vietnam has many interesting attractions, including salt fields. When the sun goes down, the place becomes unusually tranquil, with the sky reflecting on the fields. Ninh Thuan' salt fields are also listed as one of the most beautiful locations for sunsets view in the world.
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