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Charming Lan Ha Bay, a paradise in Cat Ba island

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Lan Ha Bay is compared by visitors as Ha Long Bay of Hai Phong due to pristine and picturesque landscape. Located in the east of Cat Ba island, with beautiful and clean beaches, fresh air, and a lot of interesting activities, Lan Ha Bay is the ideal destination for tourists who want to discover news thing. 

Cleave the waves on exploring Lan Ha Bay

The most interesting experience on the trip to Lan Ha Bay is probably kayaking to explore every corners of the bay. Similar to Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha with over 400 big and small islets will help visitors have more activities to discover caves as well as enjoy the scenery by kayaking. This activity is suitable for young people and couple who like adventures because it requires flexibility, patience and endurance. 

On kayaking, visitors have opportunity to contemplate Thap Nghieng located in the middle of the bay. You can also experience climbing on high, dangerous and sheer rocks of Thap Nghieng. This is the largest limestone mountain place in Lan Ha Bay with 7000 hectare in width, the grandiose mountains is the natural boundary separating the bay into the smaller sectors, raising curiousness and attraction to everyone. 

Thap Nghieng

Contemplate the bay on cruiser

Another option for those who don't like adventuring activities is contemplating Lan Ha scene by buying tickets or renting a various sizes and colour cruiser. During the cruiser trip, travellers can also visit Van Gia fishing village which is 45 minutes on boat from Cat Ba town. At Van Gia fishing village, you can freely choose the most fresh seafood like green mussel, snout otter clam, crab,... Besides Van Gia, tourists can also visit Monkey island, Monkey island resort, Bai Dau, Guoc cave, Doi islet, Tung Gau cave, etc.

Monkey island  

From Lan Ha Bay, tourists can completely rent a cruiser to travel farther to Long Chau Island in the south or visit Ha Long Bay (Quang Ninh province). On the ship, you also experience to see the sunset, together with activities like barbecue at night. The cruiser has capacity of 20 - 30 seats depending on the size. The trip on cruiser is around places such as Cat Ba - Monkey Island - Viet Hai fishing village, Cat Ba - Lan Ha Bay - Ha Long Bay, etc. 

Besides 400 big and small islets, Lan Ha bay has more than 139 beautiful yellow sands for activities on beach such as canoeing, beach volleyball, skydiving, etc. Lan Ha Bay is also the ideal destination for tourists to contemplate colourful coral reefs at Van Boi, Van Ha and Mokey Island.