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Exciting destinations on travelling Co To Island

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Co To Island is located in the east of Quang Ninh province, include about 50 islets with the area of 46,2 sq.km. It is considered as paradise sea travel of the North. blue sea always has attraction to every people especially in hot weather occasions. Coming to Co To Island, tourists have opportunity to join a lot of activities as well as contemplate beautiful scenes that bring you the feeling of mix with the nature, you will never forget experience in this dreamlike place. 

1. Co To lighthouse

The lighthouse in Co To is one of over 30 "sea eyes at night" operating in territorial waters over Vietnam. It was built at the end of 19th century. To climb the lighthouse, tourists have to mount abrupt slopes, then 72 ladders to the top of the lighthouse. From there you will have panoramic view as well as freely enjoy Co To's general view alternating green forests and rooftops.

2. Hong Van Beach

Located 8km from the center, Hong Van beach is regarded as the most beautiful one in Co To. You must be attracted by pristine, quiet beach on coming here. Through zigzag path crossing paddy field and casuarina forest appears the sea with clean, pure water, smooth and white sands. Primeval forest lies near the beach, it reserves a lot of valuable and rare plants, and surely, atmosphere is alway fresh, this is the ideal place that noone can miss during the trip. 

3. Love road

Visit Co To Island, you surely know a romantic road named "Love Road" that is located 100m far from Co To city center. The road is 2km in length tiled red bricks along the beach, two sides are green willows swaying lightly in the wind. Walking or bicycle here are really interesting and enjoyable. Moreover, you will have opportunity to enjoy contemplate scene, hear the whistle of willows, the sound of sea wave crashing onto the shore, green colour of trees, yellow colour of the sun, red colour of bricks,... they make the scenery become more and more dreamy, romantic. 

4. Monument of Uncle Ho

The monument lies in Zone 3, Co To town, is a group of vestiges on the island including statue, stele, commemorative house belongs to the cultural and historical monument system in national level. The monument of Uncle Ho was built in 1968 and was embellished in 1975, it is the only monument agreed to built by Uncle Ho after his visit to Co To in May 9, 1961. This place is always in the priority list of tourists here. 

5. Cau My Stone

Cau My stone with sedimentary system was eroded over thousands of years by the sea create a real wonder. It is only in the islands of Vietnam where you can catch the most beautiful sunrise of the island, beautiful rocky beach area, blue water and waves lapping on the island day and night. Here make people think that they are walking on Mars because of mixing water and rock colors that make up the special attraction.

6. BBQ party on the beach

This is a favourite choice of many visitors to join island activities at night-BBQ on the beach. Just enjoy yourself with delicious barbecue, sipping on a drink right beside the sea waves constantly rolling into the shore. This wonderful activity is also suitable for a promenade on the sea and watching the moonlight.

Remember, Large Co To Island has a variety of seafood, ranging from shrimp, crab, shellfish to cuttle fish at reasonable prices. So do not miss the boat to enjoy all types of seafood there, you will remember the taste forever.

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