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Halong Market

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Coming to Halong market, tourists can buy handicrafts as gifts or enjoy some snacks very attractive here. Halong Market attracts many tourists visiting this coastal city, for cargo volume here is very rich, especially it is fresh seafood. To go to the market, tourists will have to drive straight through to Bai Chay Bridge to the intersection of Loong Toong, turn right and walk more than 1 km.

Located near the romantic Halong Bay, the Halong market was built a superficial world and spacious with 3 floors and a large outdoor area. Stop at the car park in front of markets, the first place that you walk into is the area of handicrafts, cosmetics, gifts … are arranged conveniently for tourists visiting and purchasing.

Among them, the most impressive are the area selling souvenirs. You can catch the familiar items such as combs, chopsticks, bracelets, hair brooches, glove box … but strangely when they were inlaid pearls very beautifully. Wind bells from the shells become unique and bring the sound as the sea breeze.

Located opposite is the area of electronics, appliances, and groceries. Maybe you will not be interested in all kinds of machinery and equipment sold here. Because they have not believed in quality but if you stroll through around, you will discover a lot of things quite strangely and useful. According to the elevator to the upper floors where the sale of clothing, textiles, and footwear. With the variety of types and rich in style, anyone can freely choose for themselves a satisfactory item. A small note is you need to bargain before buying.

Leaving the 3-storey building, instead of go straight to flea market area in behind to buy seafood, you should take a walk to the market to taste the snacks here. Many people are surprised because the market has not too many restaurants but very tasty and attractive dishes.

The Halong market corner in the gateway is where gather numerous snack restaurants with all the dishes such as corn cake, potato cake, clam soup, chicken stew, dried beef salad, ba-ti-so cake (knee cake) ... However, to not regret when coming back home, do not miss the Sam restaurant that is distinctive of Ha Long cuisine. Sam is a species of a crab, they are processed into many dishes as Sam fried, Sam egg and sweet and sour fried Sam legs. When eating, besides delicious sweet, tasty meat Sam with aromatic of betel leaf, you will feel the spicy ginger, citronella, chili strongly merged in pieces.

On hot summer days, the range of sweet soup restaurants located right of Halong the market often attracts tourists. You will not see the sweet soup bowl with colorful, eye-catching like the style of Hue and Saigon here. The majority of them are folk sweet soup made from familiar food as black bean, green tea, soybean, Lotus soup… especially, it is blue jelly. This type of jelly is made from the leaf of the tree of local. After being processed into soft jelly, just add water and rock and sugar to eat as soon as possible. The jelly help refresh in summer and very low cost.

From the sweet soup restaurants, just walk a few steps, you went to ink rolls restaurants – Halong famous specialties. Made from pure ink with spices separately recipe, ink rolls here were fried in place, so it is always hot, fragrant, crispy. Although no intention of buying, many people have to stop to taste and buy as a gift because of the attractive aroma of this dish.

If you want to buy fresh shrimp, crab, fish, squid; you also will not take away because area selling seafood is located nearly. Besides is the stall selling dried seafood. If you are quick, just 1.5-2 hours you was able to explore every corner of the market and buy everything then this trip.
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