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Reasons why Bai Chay is the ideal choice for your family

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Bai Chay is a large, beautiful, artificial beach, closed to the coast of Ha Long Bay. The 100-meter-wide-sandy beach spans over 500 m. Early in the morning or in late afternoon, thousands of people liven up the atmosphere here. Let's find out the reasons why Bai Chay Beach attracts a lot of people to visit.

1. Interesting sights

Coming to the Bai Chay tourist center of Ha Long Bay area, you, your friends and your family will have great choices of places to visit such as the Bai Chay beach, Bai Chay Bridge or Ha Long night market. 

The first is where you can not miss when visiting this place: Bai Chay beach. With a prime location adjacent to Ha Long Bay, Bai Chay Beach is sure to make you feel satisfaction here. Bai Chay beach is artificial beach that  stretches, spacious and beautiful in a very natural way; conquering a lot of tourists at home and abroad. Especially, someone has hobbies is sunbathing or playing with sand, Bai Chay is the ideal choice: sandbanks here than 500m long and 100m wide.

Weathered blue casuarina row among the long white and vast sandy bayside creates a feeling of peace, a gentle relaxation. Leaned back and enjoined the sunshine on the bay or walk belong to sandy beach while the kids enjoy playing sand. This is really the perfect place to connect loving and to connect family.

An important place that you should not miss when visitting Bai Chay tourist area is Ha Long night market. Here, visitors can choose the typical souvenirs of the bay as wind bells from seashells, seashells, the Bay paintings and coal fine art is the most especially. Market began meeting at sunset, when the sun went down the mountain dark and the bay filled in the light.

Family members exploring the market together is sure to bring joy to your family. Fathers, mothers and children will surely find items of their own favorite. This is also where the family you can buy the gifts to give relatives and loved ones from the unique souvenirs to dry and fresh special dishes. Let’s share the taste of Bai Chay – Ha Long for your loved ones.

The next location is the Bai Chay bridge, which you can throw off the burdens and worries, the chaos of life. Bai Chay cable-stayed bridge stands lovely as a testament to the development of Ha Long Bay. 1,106 m long with 5 spans connecting between Bai Chay and Hon Gai – the two parts of Halong City cross the Cua Luc river estuary. The bridge became the pride of the people of Ha Long in general and in particular the people of Bai Chay. Because this bridge was built with reinforced concrete box girder; prestressed span reach world record for the type of cable-stayed bridge a plane. The bridge was constructed by balanced cantilever technology, at the main pier at a height of 50m, girder bridges are reaching out to the sea and ends when connecting the two wings cantilever, construction technology ensures the boats still normally operable during construction. To 25.3 m wide bridge, divided into 4-lane for motor and two-lane for rudimentary.

Peaceful feeling is when walking with family on windswept bridge bay. Surely that all burdens, worries, pressures from daily life would be blown away, leaving only the happiness of the moments devoted to loving families.

2. Special dishes of coastal region
Coming to the the sea, everyone eager surely for fresh seafood dishes. From shrimp, crab, fish, until clams, oysters, snails that is processed into many different dishes. However, each region has its own characteristics, referring to Bai Chay – Halong, you can not ignore the ink rolls famous. You can buy ink rolls in different places, but ink roll was pulverized by hand to achieve the standard toughness and brittle, and when fried up have the yellow light and fragrant perhaps only in this bay.

Besides, the neighborhood is located in the territory of Halong also has a wealth of diverse specialties. There are “sa sung”, “banh gat gu” and so on.

To enjoy these delicacies in Bai Chay, do not just visit the restaurants that find out Halong Night Market. Here, your family will be enjoined delicious food in a rustic and extremely interesting. The fresh products of coastal region are sold throughout markets, guests can even enjoy there. Let families gather together to enjoy special dishes bay prepared simply with tasty seas.

3. Diverse services
With the advantage lies on the banks of Ha Long Bay, Bai Chay role is the central of stay and coastal services, developing an international with the scale. Technical facilities, tourism services with investment, effective exploitation has met the diverse needs of tourists at home and abroad.

The ward has 322 tourist accommodation facilities and over 400 cruise ships. Bai Chay tourist resort was planned the most beautiful tourist area of Ha Long City. With a large number of restaurants and high quality, ood needs of your family will certainly be met. There are also activities to honor traditional values such as water puppet shows and traditional music. Besides, Bai Chay do not forget to integrate, develop the potential for youth services such as windsurfing and sea going motor.

With all the services to meet the needs of the child and the parents, vacation in Bai Chay – Ha Long is sure to be a wonderful gift for family and loved ones.

Imagine your family gathered on the shore, the children listened to the historic legend stories or images all members together cycling on windswept bridge. Pictures that all family walk the park and discover new lands, or go surfing in the sea together… Because of the above things, Bai Chay become the perfect place for your family.

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