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Things to do in Cat Ba Island

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Cat Ba island is in the South of Ha Long Bay heritage. It includes 367 islands staying in unique beautiful Lan Ha bay. Cat Ba is only 30 km from Hai Phong city centre and 25 km from Ha Long city.

Not at all is it a random thing when Cat Ba is also called Vietnam Pearl Island. With a 70m altitude, and the post to overlook Lan Ha lagoon, Cat Ba lures tourists by its heavenly captivation. With an area of 140 km2 and population of 9000 people, it is proud to be the biggest island among the 1,969 islands in Ha Long Bay. Visiting Cat Ba, you can do a lot of things, join dozen of activities such as swimming, explore caves, discover islets, visit Cat Ba National Park, etc. 


From the center of Cat Ba town, tourists could go on foot or motorbike-taxi (VND 10.000) to Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2, and Cat Co 3 beaches connected together by a small road along mountain slope. In spite of small area, the beaches are very secret and clean. While Cat Co 1 beach is spacious and crowded all the time, Cat Co 2 and Cat Co 3 beaches are more limited and quiet. For the sake of tourists’ safe, the beaches are deserted after 6.30 pm because the tide comes very quickly this time

Contemplating the scene from Than Cong fortress

 You could hire a motorbike-taxi to reach Than Cong fortress including Cat Co 1,2, 3 beaches to have a panoramic view of Cat Ba Island from high place. In the distance, Cat Ba looks like an amazing pearl with vast blue sea and imposing mountains.

Visiting Lan Ha Bay 

The bay comprises the islets rising from the sea and cave system like Ha Long Bay. Still, some tourists even prefer Lan Ha Bay to Ha Long Bay because scenes in this place still retains some features more pristine than Ha Long Bay. By the way, you could visit fishing villages to explore lifestyle of local people or take a kayaking tour of the charming bay of Hai Phong.

Exploring Thien Long cave

The cave is about 2 hours traveling by boat from Phu Long wharf . It has just been discovered since 1997. This is one of the most beautiful caves and grottos in Ha Long Bay. As wide and deep with miraculously various shaped & colorful stalactites and stalagmites, and tree roots from the mount to the bottom, Thien Long grotto is admired by any tourist stepping inside. Also, people can feel free to contemplate the coral system, salty lakes and ponds in and around, which are definitely rich of marine bio-diversity.

Exploring Quan Y grotto 

"Quan Y" means "Army medical care". This special name derives from the Wartime against American Air force, when Vietnamese people built a hospital with hundreds of beds inside this grotto. Today, visitors can easily reach it as Quan Y Grotto is on the main way along the Island, only about 13 km from the Island's centre.

Visiting Monkey Island

This place has a herd of lovely monkeys that must be definitely suitable for kids. Cat Dua beach on Monkey Island featuring pure water is considered as the most beautiful beach of Cat Ba Island. In front of the beach is undulary mountain ranges creating a great picture. However, the sea route to the island is quite hard because of strong waves.

Cat Ba National Park sightseeing


The World’s Biosphere Reserve- Cat Ba National Park with diverse ecosystem of fauna and flora is a not to be missed destination in Cat Ba Island. You could walk or ride bicycle in the forest, immerse in nature to encounter valuable animals such as langur, red headed langur monkey…. Coming to Cat Ba National Park, tourists will have chance to taste natural products of this place like forest honey, hibicus tea…

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