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Opting for Ha Long as your year-end getaway promises more than just picturesque beauty—it unfolds a festive year-end atmosphere. With enticing promotions tailored for family bookings at the 5-star hotel Wyndham Legend Halong, this destination ensures an ideal vacation for you and your family to experience the travel to Ha Long.

I. Ha Long weather in the last days of the year

Captivating images of a dazzling winter in Ha Long are certain to elevate your resort experience to new heights. From October to January annually, the air carries a crisp chill, with temperatures fluctuating between 18 to 20 degrees Celsius—just enough for you to truly appreciate the seasonal transformations of this renowned bay. It is advisable for travelers, especially, to include warm attire in their luggage, ensuring a flawless year-end travel to Ha Long.

Ha Long's weather is cold

II. What should you eat when traveling to Ha Long at the end of the year?

The cuisine of Ha Long is renowned for its delicious fresh seafood, paired with unique local preparation methods. However, when visiting during the winter season, you will also have the opportunity to indulge in a variety of intriguing specialties that are exclusive to Ha Long's winter months.

1. Cháo Hà

A must-try in Ha Long is the famed "Cháo Hà," a dish that seamlessly captures the essence of warmth amidst the winter chill in this coastal region. The clam called Hà is masterfully prepared in diverse culinary styles, but its unique sweetness truly shines when combined with porridge. The thick, nutrient-rich meat of the Ha clam lends an exquisite depth to the porridge, making it a delectable and nourishing delight. Coastal residents typically catch this clam during the winter, when sea trips are challenging. As a result, Cháo Hà has become an integral part of the Ha Long locals' winter cuisine, offering both warmth and nutrition.

Ha porridge

2. Loi Am Chicken

When traveling to Ha Long at the end of the year, do not miss the opportunity to savor the distinctive dish of the locals known as "Loi Am Chicken". This dish is meticulously prepared and marinated with the unique spices of the residents. Each piece of chicken is grilled to a crispy golden perfection, offering a hot and crunchy texture that is perfectly suited for indulging in the cool weather.

Loi Am Chicken

3. Crab spring rolls

"Ha Long-style crab spring rolls" - a culinary masterpiece, is not just a dish but an exquisite experience for discerning diners. The perfection of these spring rolls lies in the meticulous selection of ingredients, using the finest quality shrimp, crab, and razor clam. As you savor this dish, you can distinctly taste the fresh flavors of the sea. Indulging in crab spring rolls is a quintessential culinary experience in Ha Long, adding richness to your overall journey in this coastal paradise.

Crab spring rolls

4. Grilled squid sausages

Another culinary masterpiece of Ha Long that cannot go unmentioned is the renowned grilled squid sausage. Crafted from the finest squid caught in the local seas, the grilled squid sausages here are known for their distinctive chewiness, offering a uniquely delicious and sweet flavor. Paired with white sticky rice or thin rice rolls, you will embark on a journey to experience a unique gastronomic that is sure to captivate the hearts of every diner.

Grilled squid sausages

5. Ha Long yogurt

One of the other specialties that has become a trending snack loved by both locals and tourists is the HαΊ‘ Long yogurt with tapioca pearls. The sweet and creamy flavor of the yogurt, combined with the secret recipe of the locals, is complemented by the soft and chewy pearls. Surely, it will be an enjoyable experience as you travel to Ha Long.

Ha Long yogurt

III. Wyndham Legend Halong - an ideal choice for travel to Halong vacation

Proudly the first 5-star hotel in Bai Chay, this is the perfect destination for your year-end travel to Ha Long. Boasting a hotel system with 217 luxurious rooms featuring spacious designs, it ensures full-service catering to every need of resort-bound travelers. Situated along the most beautiful bay of Vietnam, the hotel offers expansive views overlooking the radiant panorama of Ha Long from above. Additionally, its convenient location allows you to easily explore the captivating tourist attractions of Ha Long, such as the World Natural Heritage Site of Ha Long Bay, Bai Chay Bridge, the city center of Ha Long, and the Sun Wheel.

1. Wide-range choice of accommodation

Indulge in a luxurious retreat at Wyndham Legend Halong, where a variety of accommodations with expansive spaces and a design of opulence await you. This 5-star hotel offers breathtaking views overlooking Ha Long Bay and Bai Chay Bridge, ensuring that you and your family can immerse yourselves in the spectacular scenery of Ha Long directly from the comfort of your accommodation.

Wide-range choice of accommodation

All rooms at Wyndham Legend Halong are equipped with premium amenities, ensuring a 5-star standard of quality and completeness for you and your family to have a meaningful and enjoyable stay together. Moreover, when utilizing services at Wyndham Legend Halong, accommodation for children under 6 years old is complimentary. Additionally, there are convenient services such as airport shuttle, wake-up call service, and car rental to make it comfortable for you and your family to explore the city of Ha Long.

Executive Deluxe Room

Breathtaking view from the Executive Deluxe Room

2. International cuisine

At Wyndham Legend Halong, culinary exploration with its four distinctive restaurants, each offering a diverse menu that caters to the refined tastes of international guests. Whether savoring the culinary delights of Vietnam, Japan, China, or Europe, the hotel's dining options, including Blue Bay, BαΊ£o Lα»™c, Sakura in Tower A, and Bay Walk in Tower B, promise an exquisite experience. With elevated views overlooking the entire city of Ha Long, these establishments invite you and your family to indulge in a sophisticated dining experience amid the panorama of the bay.

Blue Bay Restaurant

3. Relaxation with Esthera Spa

In the tranquil ambiance enveloped by the herbal fragrance of Esthera Spa, you will experience muscle relaxation through profound relaxation treatments that aim to restore the balance of mind, body, and spirit, bringing equilibrium back to your life after the hustle and bustle.

Intensive care treatment

With a modern design featuring five private rooms and a communal space adorned in warm tones to accommodate a variety of care treatments, Esthera Spa caters to the individual needs of each guest. Moreover, during the year-end festive season, indulge in the spa's deep relaxation services and get a 10% discount on specialized therapy treatments. This is sure to provide you with a serene mind and body experience, awakening a rejuvenated sense of energy for the remainder of your year-end travel to Ha Long.

Esthera Spa

4. Luxury bar

Wyndham Legend Halong goes beyond the standard of a 5-star international hotel with a refined bar experience for its discerning guests. Located on the ground floor, right beside the hotel's lobby, Bar Vivino immediately captivates with its luxurious interior. The space is adorned with sumptuous sofa sets and opulent wood-paneled ceilings, creating an effortlessly elegant atmosphere for guests to relish.

The space of Vivino Bar

Bar Vivino at Wyndham Legend Halong extends an array of beverage options, providing a delightful spectrum from tea to wine within a fancy interior. Besides the ground-floor bar, the hotel elevates the experience with a chic poolside bar. Picture yourself reclining on sun loungers by the pool, indulging in breathtaking views of Ha Long Bay, and sipping on delectable cocktails. This is an invitation to unwind in the style of Wyndham, where every sip is accompanied by the beauty of the surroundings.

IV. Winter Package Promotion at Wyndham Legend Halong Hotel

Offering a breath of fresh air during the holiday season, a Halong getaway reinvigorates your spirit with moments of relaxation and serenity. Experience the perfect vacation at Wyndham Legend Halong with WINTER PACKAGE (*), where you and your loved ones can explore captivating experiences with attractive exclusive privileges.

  • 1-night stay in a Superior room, including breakfast for 2 guests
  • 1 time lunch or dinner set menu for 2 guests at Blue Bay restaurant
  • Complimentary room upgrade (based on the room availability)

* Validity from now until December 30, 2023

** Not applied on December 24, 2023

Winter Package

Elevate your year-end family getaway by choosing Wyndham Legend Halong. Explore the irresistible offers that await your family's exploration. Book now at +(84) 2033 636 555 for an unforgettable experience! 

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