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Ha Long Wharf's market with the fresh seafood

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Most visitors come to Ha Long tent to choose seafood as a special gift to bring back after the journey to this coastal city. But not everyone knows the place where they can find the fresh seafood. Ha Long seafood market at its Wharf which is familiar and has been recommending by the locals, tourists can fully come here to buy seafood with the best quality.
Ha Long Wharf's market
Ha long Wharf's market full of seafood

Ha Long’s seafood market location

Located at the end of Ha Long 1 market, after Bai Tho Mountain, Ha Long Wharf is one of the areas where the seafood is sold in the retail form, hence attracts the most customers of the city.

Is the seafood in Ha Long’s Wharf market really fresh?

Ha Long has countless seafood markets like this – temporary markets. When the tourist come to this spot, you will see several fishermen are lifting the containers of fish which just fished in the river to the shore, a little later, the fishing children also carrying the basket of shrimp, oysters, crab…all of them are fresh.
Ha Long Wharf's market
The seafood at the market is added daily
It is a little enjoyable to watch them doing the daily activities though. That is the market. If the inhabitants of Bai Chay are proud of the Cai Dam market with much fresh seafood then on the other side - Hon Gai, there is a fish wharf in Ha Long, a paradise for fresh fish, shrimps, crabs and snails which make you want to buy right the time you see it. However, tourists seem to rather buy big fish to cook and enjoy it in the right way at home.

Ha Long’s Wharf market seafood market opening hour

Frequently, from 2 am, the seafood market open at 2:00 in the morning, starting to become crowded and bustling. The high-pressure light bulbs illuminate a less than 300m2 area of the wharf, illuminate the fish, shrimp, crab, squid, ..., with thousands of people crammed together to buy, sell...

Where is the seafood at Ha Long Wharf market come from?

Ha Long fishing market rush hour is from 6 am to 9 am. When the boats carrying fish from the large ships from Ha Long Bay back to the shore, the people on the shore have rounded up. Wholesale price is equal to retail price so everyone loves it. In the season, when the grey mullet, red mullet filled the wharf, the whole area is dimmed in the fish color, everywhere and anywhere. Unlike other seafood markets in Ha Long, Ha Long Wharf fishing market is mainly for traders. Fishermen from all over Quang Ninh’s sea gathered to sell their seafood to the retailers.
Ha Long Wharf's market
The market is always crowded at opening hours
More than just a place to make a living, Ha Long Wharf’s seafood market is also a destination for those who like to buy and sell, who want to discover the uniqueness of nature seafood and those who want to buy fresh and delicious shrimp, fish, squid.
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